Training During Covid

These pages detail measures we’ve put in place to enable us to practice during the Corona Virus pandemic by following the latest guidance from the Scottish Government. This page was created by our Covid-19 Officer and last updated on 15/10/2021.

We are hosting three classes (adhering to current Scottish Government Coronavirus guidance): on Sundays at 11:00 – 13:00 in bowling greens in Victoria Park (in the west-end of Glasgow); on Wednesdays at 19:30-21:30 in the outdoor sports pitch at Glasgow Caledonian University (city centre) and on Fridays at 18:00 – 20:00 in Glasgow Caledonian University’s ARC Sports Centre. You will find more information about these locations in the Dojo & Venues page.

Practice is open to everyone, but is weather dependant for outdoor venues. Please check out our “Class Times” WhatsApp group or use our contact form to find out about any changes to practice times.

Planning for Practice

Before you come to practice, please consider the following questions:

  1. Have you been asked to self isolated?
  2. Do you have a high temperature (i.e. a fever)?
  3. Do you have a new, continuous cough?
  4. Have you experienced a change or loss in your sense of smell?
  5. Does anyone in your household have Covid-19?

If your answer is “YES” to any of the above questions, do not attend practice and refer to the latest Scottish Government guidance! Those answering all questions with a “NO” and where local protection levels permit it can practice with us.

We recommend that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear for physical exercise outdoors in Scotland. For indoor practice, either a track-suit and t-shirt or a gi (aikido/judo suit). However, please note that changing facilities are available at any of our venues, so you need to arrive ready to practice. Toilets are available at the ARC Sports Centre (Glasgow Caledonian University) but not necessarily for the other two venues. You may also need a Jo and bokken (although if you don’t have any, you will be able to borrow some from us).

If you don’t already have it, please download the Protect Scotland app.

You will also need to have your membership up-to-date and if not, make arrangements to renew it. If you’re joining us for the first time, please bring a completed junior (under 18s) or senior (over 18s) membership form (as appropriate).

Travelling to practice

You must adhere to the latest travel guidance from the Scottish Government.

Arriving at practice

Please arrive on time and observe social distancing guidelines at all times.

If you downloaded the Protect Scotland app, please make sure it is working.

At start of the practice session, the lead instructor or another Club official will introduce themselves.

You will be asked to confirm whether you have:

  1. Been asked to self-isolated?
  2. A high temperature (i.e fever)?
  3. Anew, continuous cough?
  4. Experienced a change or loss in your sense of smell?
  5. Anyone in your household has Covid-19?

Anyone answering “YES” to any of the above questions will not be permitted to practice and will be advise to follow Scottish Government guidance.

A record of who is in attendance will be taken. If you’re not a current member or are joining us for the first time, you will be asked to provide a contact phone number. This information will be kept for 21 days (in a Google Drive) and if required, it will be shared with NHS Scotland Test & Protect . All records will be deleted after 21 days.

Bags must be placed towards the edge of the designated practice area. If you need to borrow any weapons, please ask the instructor. Loaned weapons will be wiped with a disinfectant wipe prior to being handed over to (and again once returned by you).

Please pay your mat fee (either to the lead instructor or Club official).

During Practice

  • Keep (and allow others to keep) the appropriate distance for the Coronavirus Protection Level Glasgow is in. 
  • You must always follow the instructor’s guidance.
  • Please be aware of any  trip hazards and the safety of other park users (including dogs).
  • Have fun!

After Practice

  • Return any weapons you have borrowed.
  • Pay for your mat fee.
  • Please leave the practice area as soon as possible.